Monday, June 10, 2013

Making progress- join us!

Here are the two latest developments in my plan to organize the very first Dragon Boat race headquartered in Poughkeepsie, New York, next year:

I held my first exploratory meeting with 6 other local participants at the offices of the Dutchess County Tourism agency, where we started to conceptualize about organizing a race, what month, how much it would cost, what level of participation (Breast Cancer Survivors and Community divisions- start small, or expand to a cultural festival on land and add competitive divisions to the race schedule) and other issues. We will meet again in August- so come and join us! Contact me to get on board and let me know you are interested.

To increase my personal experience with paddling, I went to Schenectady, NY on June 8th to attend the Open House of the Dragons Alive! club, which formed in 2011, and got to again paddle in a Dragon Boat with a mix other first-timers and experienced club members. I also talked with the club President and other members, and the daughter of the President, who had participated in races in the past. A good experience- I learned a little more about technique and style, saw their facility (they are generously given a dock and storage space by Mohawk Valley Marina, along the Mohawk River) and got some ideas about club activities.

Any other clubs in the tri-state area hosting guests to try paddling in a Dragon Boat? Or having Open House activities? Leave a "comment" on this Blog, or contact me.