Tuesday, October 8, 2013

YOUR chance to PADDLE is coming- Saturday Oct. 12


Come Paddle a Dragon Boat-

Finally, the opportunity to GET READY FOR NEXT YEARS' DUTCHESS DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL is available, with a newly forming Dragon Boat club in Poughkeepsie.

Saturday October 12 at 9 am at the Community Boathouse, the HRRA (Hudson River Rowing Association) and local organizer Bob Creedon are making available a boat, paddles, and life preservers (mandatory wearing) for anyone who wants to try this out- no experience needed, and no expectations- just show up with an open mind and a willingness to follow the safety rules and have fun. You will see how simple the paddling stroke is at the beginning level, and how you can enjoy being out on the water and have a shared experience with other beginners!

As you see from the previous posts, a Dragon Boat has 20 paddlers, a drummer, and a Steersperson. If you have other friends who want to participate, let them know! If you have prior experience- great, then I hope you can help this new program! Dragon Boat races happen all over the world and the US- and next year, the first ever Dragon Boat race is coming to Poughkeepsie!

EMAIL: bob.creedon@gmail.com....include your name, address, and phone number- or leave a comment in this Post and I will pass along your questions to Bob Creedon. I have not listed a link to directions to the Community Boathouse- I will send you directions, or you can request directions from Bob Creedon. There should be other opportunities to participate in the next few weeks, in case you can't attend on Saturday October 12, so stay in touch with this Blog or the Facebook page: